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General terms and conditions of

1. Accounts and profiles
1.1 For a user profile in the forum, you need to use your registered user in
1.2 You can choose your avatar from a set of available user avatars.

2. Topics and posts
2.1 The writing in the English part of the forum is only in English letters! Please do not write with numbers or special symbols. Such topics or posts will be deleted without notice. Upon following misconduct, you will be warned and when it is systematically, you will be banned.

2.2 Please add your topics in the appropriate categories after checking that the topic does not already exist. It is not allowed to post comments that are not related to the topic. Please put clear topic titles. The topic title has to understandable and directly connected to its content. Examples of bad titles are: HEEEELP!!!!; HELP ME!!!!; Can’t get it, etc.

2.3 The users’ posts have to demonstrate respect to the other users. Angry, rude or insulting posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted and the creators of those posts banned and expelled from the forum without notice.

2.4 Please share adequate and clearly stated comments connected to the topic! It is advisable not to use too much emoticons in one comment as well as CAPS LOCK.

2.5 Images are not allowed in the quotes.

2.6 Topics and posts aiming at free advertising will be locked and deleted without warning. Such can be posted only with the agreements of the website owners.

2.7 Users who open disputes, spread hate or threaten other users or a group of users and/or the forum will be banned or expelled without warning. The rule is valid also for users who are offensive or vulgar to other users, moderators, administrators, the website or the forum.

2.8 The users have to edit their posts when adding information so that there are no consequent multiple posts by one user.

2.9 Showing the names of the towns, players or any other personal information from the published reports is not allowed unless both sides had agreed to it.

2.10 Senseless or stupid topics will be deleted without warning.

2.11 You are not allowed to edit the modifications done by the moderator or administrator!

3. Additional information and guidelines
3.1 When you notice a comment or other part of a user’s profile, which does not comply with the general terms, please notify the moderators of the forum. They will undertake the appropriate actions.

3.2 When there is a failure to comply with the aforementioned terms, the moderators keep the right in their own judgement to sanction unofficially with a personal message or officially with a warning.

3.3 The moderators keep the right to change, delete or lock topics or posts. They decide which is regarded as spam, vulgar, inappropriate, etc., not the users. Keep in mind that the moderator’s work is voluntary and is not available 24/7.

3.4 Impersonating members of the team (Administrators, Supporters, Moderators and Global moderators) is forbidden and can be penalized.

3.5 The members of the team are not obliged to answer questions, personal messages or to offer explanations in the forum or in personal messages. The replies are voluntary and an expression of goodwill. Complaints from moderators, moderator activities or decisions are accepted only in a personal message to the Global moderators "Pro" and "apxeonTepukc". The discussion of such problems is not allowed in the forum.

The Administrators keep the right to change the terms anytime. Everyone who registered in the site agrees with those rules and is obliged to follow them.
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