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28 Dec 2014
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Due to increasing amount of online members in the game, do you want to make or include an in-game chat? I think we will use it to greet newcomers and make them more active.
02 Mar 2015
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Ravachol wrote:Due to increasing amount of online members in the game, do you want to make or include an in-game chat? I think we will use it to greet newcomers and make them more active.

We will rewrite and replace the existing message system in the near future with something very similar to facebook messages. It will probably have "new user section" where you can do that.

PS: I`m moving this topic to the "Development" section of the forum.

Its a very nice suggestion.
03 Mar 2015
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This project really needs more players.. and a soundtrack becouse its gets kinda boring playn in silent. And one more thing, you guys should make more troops types, developemnt of them and more building to build, chose to build. For now its to basic I think. Btw I reallly, enjoyed art, its really looking nice :)
04 Apr 2015
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Hi all! I would like to suggest about a thing which in my opinion the game totally lacks: more communication between players. I have already read the chat suggestion, but I am talking about a "necessity" to do that, and that would be by implementing "clans".
Clans would be associations of pirates no matter the guild ( Larus Akuma or Barca ) they are, and the main feature of it would be the "clans duels". For clans duels you could do either a simple format or a more complex one.

-About the simple option: the leader challanges the clan which is over his clan in the ranking, and after 24h ( for exemple ) there would be the battle.
The strongest player of one clan would fight the strongest of the other, the second with the second of the other, the third stronngest with the third of the other clan and so on.

-The more complex one would be to do pirate fortresses, and then another pirate clan could challange the owner clan of the fortress and then they could atack it, and the other member's clan would have to defend it.

I have mentioned fortresses. I think that whichever option you would consider you could also implement them, and it could give a lot of benefits to the member's clan at expense of donations to upgrade its level, as well as to do from it group incursions to kill the strongest mosnters and fight the Imperial Forts or ships. Furthermore, in case of the "complex" battle clans it would be the objective to atack in order to make your clan's ranking improve.

Finally, about the difference between "player vs player" and "clan vs clan" is quite simple: The player's ranking considers the best the one who has more duel points. With clan's rankings you would only be able to challenge the clan who is immediatly over you in the ranking, so there wouldn't be any clan duel points, just the ranking.

Thanks for your attention and excuse my clumsy english.
11 Aug 2015
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hello everyone and happy new year
I logged in today and i noticed that there are only two servers (english and bulgarian)I think you should make more languages for more players
02 Jan 2016
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